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Cercophora atropurpurea

Large clustered ascomata
Large separate ascomata
A.N. Mill. & Huhndorf, Sydowia 53(2): 212. (2001)

Figure from SMH2961, SMH3170
Complete Description
Ascomata ovoid to vertically elongate, dark ruby (12F5) to black, papillate, occasionally collapsing laterally when dried, 350-465 µm diam, 600-900 µm high, numerous, scattered to gregarious, superficial; surface warty towards the apex, glabrous below; neck rounded, warty; subiculum present, extending over large areas, hairs brown, 2.5-4 µm wide, thin-walled, multiseptate. - Ascomatal wall of textura angularis in surface view; 40-70 µm thick in longitudinal section, 2-layered, composed of pseudoparenchymatous cells, thicker towards the apex, with an inner layer of elongate to flattened, hyaline cells, and an outer layer of polygonal, brown cells; warts 53-74 µm wide X 47-63 µm tall, composed of 10-17 X 12-16 layers of smaller, polygonal, hyaline to brownish cells. - Ascomatal apex with periphyses. - Paraphyses filiform-ventricose, 4.5-13 µm wide, infrequent, septate, unbranched, deliquesing early. - Asci elongate clavate, 200-300 X 12-20 µm, long-stipitate, stipe 75-190 X 3-7 µm, numerous, unitunicate, thin-walled, apex blunt; ring narrow, shallow, refractive; subapical globule large, 4-6 µm diameter, smooth; with 8, biseriate to triseriate ascospores. - Ascospores cylindrical, ends rounded, slightly sigmoid or lower 1/3 to 1/4 geniculate, hyaline, aseptate, becoming differentiated into a swollen head and pedicel while inside the ascus, transversely uniseptate; 33-51 X 3-6 µm, head narrowly fusiform to ellipsoid, 11-19 X 6-11 µm, conical at the apex, truncate at the base, hyaline to brown, occasionally 1-septate; pedicel 23-36 X 3-6 µm, hyaline to pale brown, sometimes brown, up to 3-septate; head dark brown and ascospores 1- to 5-septate after liberation from the ascus; bipolar appendages present, 15-30(-60) µm, gelatinous, lash-like.
Found on decaying wood. Our collections are from Costa Rica and Puerto Rico.