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Ceratosphaerella rhizomorpha

Large clustered ascomata
Huhndorf & Mugambi, Mycologia 100: 944 (2008)

Figure from GKM1262
Genbank Accession: EU527998 (LSU), EU528004 (SSU)
Complete Description
Ascomata lageniform to globose, long beaked, with a sterile base, sometimes collapsing when dry, dark brown, surface roughened, sometimes with white flakes, venter 500-750 µm wide, 500-900 µm high including the sterile base, neck 300-600 µm long, occurring in large clusters, superficial on abundant, subicular hyphae. Subiculum extensive, forming large, dense, radiating patches, composed of brown to black, septate hyphae, aggregating into 100-125 µm wide, rhizomorphic strands, dichotomously branched, forming synnematous hyphomycete at the branch ends. Ascomal wall of textura angularis-globosa in surface view; in longitudinal section 110-130 µm thick, composed of an inner layer of flattened hyaline cells, a middle layer of small, polygonal to irregular, dark brown cells, an outer layer of large, pale brown, polygonal to globose, pseudoparenchymatic cells. Ascomatal apex elongate beak-like, 300-600 µm high, 150-250 µm wide, wall composed of cells similar to the ascomal wall cells, ostiole circular, with periphyses. Paraphyses abundant, ca. 12-17 ?m wide just above the asci, long tapering above. Asci clavate, 115-145 x 13-16 µm; with a tall, narrow, apical ring, 1.5-2.5 µm wide, 1.5-2.5 µm high; with 8 biseriate ascospores. Ascospores fusiform, hyaline to pale brown, 3-septate, 39-49 x 3.5-4.5 µm. Anamorph Didymobotryum-like. Conidiophores synnematous, straight or flexuous, stipe composed of brown threads, appearing black in mass, threads branching at the apical region forming a lighter brown head. Conidiogenous cells phialidic, possibly tretic, integrated and terminal, forming long percurrent proliferations, pale brown, forming darker brown bands at the septations, verrucose; phialides cylindrical, 10-14 x 4-6 µm. Conidia ellipsoid, pale brown, 1-septate when young, conidia on older synnemata cylindrical, 3-septate, with darker brown septa, 27-46 x 9-11 µm, verrucose.
Huhndorf, S.M., M. Greif, G.K. Mugambi and A.N. Miller. 2008. Two new genera in the Magnaporthaceae, a new addition to Ceratosphaeria and two new species of Lentomitella. Mycologia 100: 940-955.