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Camarops rogersii

Huhndorf & A.N. Mill., North American Fungi 3(7): 235. 2008.

Figure from SMH3001
Genbank Accession: EU481405 (LSU)
Complete Description
Stromata superficial, widely effused, cream-to-yellow colored, becoming brown, soft-textured, composed of loose, hyphal tissue, easily disintegrating, with short, protruding, dark ostiolar papillae. Ascomata perithecial, monostichous, densely packed, elongate-obpyriform, sometimes horizontally collapsing, 425-450 µm high, 325-350 µm diam, short beaked, ostioles round, surrounded with thickened stromatic tissue composed of a perpendicular palisade of elongate, hyaline, hyphal cells, ca. 45 µm thick. Ascomal walls dark brown, 15-20 µm thick, composed of pseudoparenchymatic cells. Paraphyses long, tapering above the asci. Asci clavate, long stipitate, spore bearing part 27-40 x 5-6 µm, stipe 38-45 µm long, with 8 uniseriate ascospores. Ascospores ellipsoid, one-celled, brown, 4.8-5.3 x 2.5-3.5 µm, with inconspicuous pore at one end .
Huhndorf, S.M. and A.N. Miller. 2008. A new species of Camarops and phylogenentic analysis of related taxa in the Boliniaceae. North American Fungi 3(7): 231-239. Doi:10.2509/naf2008.003.00715