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Acanthonitschkea argentinensis

Small clustered ascomata
Speg., Annals Mus. Nac. Hist. Nat., Buenos Aires, série 3 10

Figure from IL1261 (Costa Rica)
Mycobank ID: 233150
Genbank Accession: AY695259 (LSU), FJ968943 (RPB2), FJ969042 (tef1)
Complete Description
Ascomata turbinate, collapsing collabent when dry, dark brown to black, 250-300 µm diam., 200-250 µm high, superficial, with a setose surface,occurring densely clustered on abundant, subicular hyphae. Subiculum extensive, forming large and dense patches, hyphae brown to black, wide, septate, dichotomously branched, distinctly spinulose with long, tapering, non-septate, pointed setae. Ascomatal wall of textura globosa in surface view, composed of pale brown, pseudoparenchymatic cells; Munk pores present, few per cell. Ascomatal apex collabent, with an indistinct ostiole. Centrum composed of a small apical cushion of thin-walled cells with a central canal opening lined with periphysis-like cells, quellkorper absent, paraphyses absent. Asci clavate, long stipitate, spore bearing part 16-25 x 5-8 µm, pedicels 15-20 µm, without a distinct apical ring, with eight biseriately arranged ascospores. Ascospores allantoid, strongly curved, often semicircular, hyaline, one celled, generally with two guttules, 5-8 x 2 µm.
Found on decaying wood and bark. Our collections are from Costa Rica and Puerto Rico. The type is from Argentina and it has also been reported from Africa (Ghana) and India. It is probably widely distributed but is not that common; we only collected it a few times.
Similar Taxa Comments
Of the genera with setose ascomata, Acanthonitschkea, Fracchiaea and Crassochaeta lack a quellkorper (see Euacanthe for setose species with a quellkorper). Acanthonitschkea species have collabent ascomata; species in the other two genera do not. A. argentinensis is easily recognized by its very strongly curved ascospores. The ascomata form in extensive clusters and have setae scattered over the ascomal surface.
Subramanian and Sekar 1990, Nannfeldt 1975